Dec 02, 2017

Design Your Own God...

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Are you going to accept what another says about God,  asks J KRISHNAMURTI 
What is God?
■ J Krishnamurti:  How are you going to find out? Are you going to accept somebody else’s information? Or are you going to try to discover for yourself what God is? It is easy to ask questions,  but to experience the truth requires a great deal of intelligence,  a great deal of inquiry and search.  So the first question is,  are you going to accept what another says about God? It does not matter who it is,  Krishna,  Buddha or Christ,  because they may all be mistaken — and so may your own particular guru be mistaken. Surely, to find out what is true, your mind must be free to inquire,  which means that it cannot merely accept or believe.  I can give you a description of the truth, but it will not be the same thing as you experiencing the truth for yourself. 
All the sacred books describe what God is,  but that description is not God.  The word ‘God’is not God, is it? To find out what is true you must never accept,  you must never be influenced by what the books,  the teachers or anyone else may say.  If you are influenced by them, you will find only what they want you to find. And you must know that your own mind can create the image of what it wants; it can imagine God with a beard,  or with one eye;  it can make him blue or purple. So you have to be aware of your own desires and not be deceived by the projections of your own wants and longings. 
If you long to see God in a certain form, the image you see will be according to your wishes, and that image will not be God, will it? If you are in sorrow and want to be comforted, or if you feel sentimental and romantic in your religious aspirations,  eventually you will create a God who will supply what you want; but it will still not be God.  So, your mind must be completely free,  and only then can you find out what is true — not by the acceptance of some superstition, nor by the reading of the so-called sacred books, nor by the following of some guru.  Only when you have this real freedom from external influences as well as from your own desires and longings,  so that your mind is very clear — only then is it possible to find out what God is.  But if you merely sit down and speculate, then your guess is as good as your guru’s,  and equally illusory. 
Is it easy to find God? 
■ I am afraid there is no easy way,  because to find God is a most difficult,  a most arduous thing. Is not what we call God something which the mind creates? You know what the mind is. The mind is the result of time,  and it can create anything, any illusion. It has the power of creating ideas, of projecting itself in fancies,  in imagination;  it is constantly accumulating,  discarding,  choosing.  Being prejudiced,  narrow,  limited, the mind can picture God, it can imagine what God is according to its own limitations. 
Because certain teachers,  priests and socalled saviours have said there is God and have described him,  the mind can imagine God in those terms;  but that image is not God.  God is something that cannot be found by the mind.  To understand God,  you must first understand your own mind — which is very difficult. The mind is very complex, and to understand it is not easy. But it is easy enough to sit down and go into some kind of dream, have various visions, illusions,  and then think that you are very near to God. The mind can deceive itself.  So,  to really experience that which may be called God,  you must be completely quiet;  and have you not found out how extremely difficult that is? It is a great art for the mind to be completely silent without coercion; and only then is there a possibility of experiencing that which may be called God. 
Is God everywhere? 
■ Are you really interested to find out? You ask questions, and then subside;  you do not listen.  Here is this boy asking if God is everywhere. He is rather young to be asking that question. He does not know what it really means.  He probably has a vague inkling of something — the feeling of beauty, an awareness of the birds in the sky, of running waters, of a nice, smiling face, of a leaf dancing in the wind,  of a woman carrying a burden. And there is anger, sorrow — all that is in the air. 
So he is naturally interested and anxious to find out what life is all about.  He hears the older people talking about God, and he is puzzled. It is important for him to ask such a question, is it not? And it is equally important for you all to seek the answer;  because you will begin to catch the meaning of all this inwardly,  unconsciously,  deep down;  and then,  as you grow up,  you will have hints of other things besides this ugly world of struggle. The world is beautiful,  the earth is bountiful;  but we are the spoilers of it. On God, KFI ■
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