Jan 10, 2019

Devotion & Knowledge

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If perchance you meet a great musician, and express your affection for him and say that you are ignorant of his music, the musician will say: I am inseparable from my music.
Is it possible to love me without knowing and loving my compositions? You may reply: well, if you are inseparable from your works, my affection for you will make me love your music too, soon. You are talking about the path of devotion, the musician is talking about the path of knowledge.
The devotion or faith that flows from knowledge of creation is superior because such devotion stems from understanding. Just as an artist would prefer to be appreciated by discriminating connoisseurs, the wise or knowledgeable devotee is dear to God because he sees, understands, appreciates, admires and adores Him through His creation.
Each human cell has more than 30,000 genes arranged on three billion DNA base pairs and thousands of proteins having distinct characteristics, codes and separate functions. The mechanism required to make a single bacterium is as complex or more than that of a jet engine or a supercomputer.

It can only be imagined how much of complexity and what kind of ingenuity would have been required to make a human brain.
According to Albert Einstein, there are two types of God: the God of Abraham, Isaac, Moses and Israel, partisan to a family and a race; and the God of Spinoza who reveals Himself in the orderly harmony of what exists. The first description of God is typical of the path of devotion; and the second, of the path of knowledge.
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