Dec 02, 2017

Use Your Energy Creatively

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Simply transform your sex drive to unconditional love,  says OSHO
Is sex a creative energy? How can the relationship between a couple be made creative?
■ OSHO:  There are only two types of people in this world:  one type is the people who are suffering because of sex,  and the other is the people who have transformed their sexual energy into love.  You will be surprised to know that sex and love are two opposite things.  As love grows,  sex becomes less; and if love becomes less, sex becomes more.  The more loving you are, the less sexual you will be; and if you are totally filled with love,  there will be nothing sexual inside you.  But if there is no love, inside you everything will be sexual. 
Avoiding Insanity
The transformation, the sublimation of sexual energy can only happen through love. This is why it is useless to try to suppress sex to get free of it. If you suppress it, you can go insane. Of all the insane people in the world, ninety-nine out of a hundred have tried to repress their sexual energy.  And you may be aware that as civilisation has developed, insanity has increased because civilised society suppresses sex more than anything else. 
Everyone suppresses his sexual energy.  And that suppressed sexual energy creates insanity;  it creates mental illnesses. If the doors to love are opened,  the energy that was flowing through sex will be transformed through the light of love.  What had been the flames of passion will become the light of love. So let this love expand. Love is the creative use of sex.  Fill your life with love.  But you will say, “We always love. ”And I tell you,  you rarely love. You might be longing for love…and there is a vast difference between the two.  To love and to need love are two very different things.  Most of us remain like children all our lives because everyone is looking for love. To love is a very mysterious thing;  to long for love is a very childish thing.  Small children want love;  when the mother gives them love,  they grow. 
They want love from others also and the family loves them.  Then when they grow older, if they are husbands they want love from their wives;  if they are wives, they want love from their husbands. And whoever wants love suffers because love cannot be asked for,  love can only be given.  In wanting,  there is no certainty that you will get it. And if the person from whom you expect love also expects love from you, it is a problem. It will be like two beggars meeting and begging together.  
Catching Fish 
All over the world, there are marital problems between husbands and wives, and the only reason for this is that both expect love from each other but are unable to give love.  Think about this a little — your constant need for love. You want someone to love you,  and if someone loves you,  you feel good.  But what you don’t know is that the other loves you only,  because he wants you to love him.  It is just like someone throwing bait to fish:  he does not throw it for the fish to eat, he throws it only to catch the fish. He does not want to give it to the fish,  he only does it because he wants the fish.  Abridged from The Path Of Meditation,  courtesy:  Osho International Foundation, www. osho. com ■ 
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